Whom shall I blame?
Published on November 30, 2005 By oleteach In Home & Family
If your life is anything like mine, many things happen each and every day that really can aggravate. Sometimes they are just little things that just get under the skin and can make the day seem dismal.

Then I ask myself, “What will this accomplish if I choose to be angry, worried, frustrated, irritated, miserable, unhappy, despondent?

You guessed it…nothing positive. All those negative feelings do nothing but make me more miserable and ready to lash out to hurt someone near me who really needs my love and support.

What is my remedy? I am a Christian. That means that I believe in every promise that Jesus made as they are found in the Bible. There are hundreds of promises in that great book and the ones I need right at this moment of my grumpiness are these: “I will be your strength. I am here with you in your moments of aggravation. I don’t promise that you won’t have difficulties in your life but I am right there with you to guide you, enlighten you, encourage you, comfort you. Tell me what is your problem and I will be your number 1 helper.”

Now, for me, that is one magnificently comforting thought! There is nobody better equipped to be my helper than Jesus. These thoughts soothe and encourage me so much that my whole attitude begins to change

I immediately make up my mind to rely on Jesus for his phenomenal help. I won’t go to others who may be more messed up in their thinking than I am right now. I decide not to let these things take away my peace of mind. If I truly believe in His promises then why do I worry about so many things? It surely shows my lack of trust in Him.

Then I need to take responsibility for the things in my life that I have messed up all on my own. I can’t blame it on my upbringing, my Irish temper, my neighbors, the economy, or whatever. If I have made a mess of things, I will own up to it and ask the Lord to help me clean it up. He will be there if I have faith in him. He makes my life so joyful, free from guilt, fear, and worry. Thank you, God.

on Nov 30, 2005
I am glad to see you writing again, and I especially enjoyed this piece. It echoes a lot of what I've been thinking lately.

I'm a rather pessimistic person, but I endeavor now to turn myself around in that regard (and in others). Being positive and relying on the Lord's assistance has made me more powerful, in a way, stronger. It really does reassure me.
on Nov 30, 2005
Thanks pseudo, I have been rather preoccupied lately. I just sent in to a publisher my first attempt to write a novel. They tell me by next Tuesday whether they will accept it or not. That too, I leave in the Hands of the Lord. It sure keeps me out of mischief for many hours. I have started the sequel. That's how optimistic I am.

As Christians we have every reason to be optimistic because we have the greatest Helper anyone could ever hope for in Jesus.
I love to read about His numerous promises to us and He asks for so little in return. And one of His great promises is that He does not leave us orphans. He has sent His Spirit to be our guide. I am so glad that you are reassured. You have every right to be. You were bought with such a great price. That shows how important we all are in our Father's eyes. God bless you always.