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July 17, 2007 by oleteach
For those interested, my new book, Convent Life and Beyond, is available to order now through Amazon.com but it will not be delivered for about two weeks from the time you order it. To get an idea of what it is all about please go to my publishing website at http://www.outskirtspress.com/webpage.php?isbn=9781432705947 You may place your order from there. Thank you for your interest.
Grace Stoltz
June 15, 2007 by oleteach
A few days ago, a nephew of mine sent me this email:
“ My son, Jamie, sent me a DVD titled "United 93.” It’s a dramatized
documentary, movie, about the high jacked plane that crashed in PA on
Sept. 11, 2001. It should be required viewing in all schools, grades 8 and up. If you haven't
seen it you should - regardless of politics.
I was devastated by the attacks of 9-11 and still am. The movie was hard
to watch without crying. When I die, I don't want to go to heaven, I want to go to "...
December 21, 2005 by oleteach
My granddaughter had an early Christmas on Sunday. Among my gifts to her was the complete books of Narnia. She really expressed her excitement on that gift. (She is always so diplomatic...if I had put coal in her packages, she would have found something positive to say about it.

Her mother, xtine, told me there was more to the story than what meets the eye. Evidently she had read it in her youth. I never have. I just thought it was a good gift since a children's movie was coming out about ...
December 2, 2005 by oleteach
Graybar’s blog features A Recipe for People Who Eat Real Food. Anyone who knows this young man at all, is aware of his proclivity for posting articles that are sure to draw a variety of opinions. When I know what he is talking about, I sometimes will join in those discussions. That happens very rarely, but today I am taking the bait. Since my reply is rather lengthy, I choose to react on my own blog. Here goes!

This morning my hubby attended an early morning meeting and breakfast where the fe...
November 30, 2005 by oleteach
If your life is anything like mine, many things happen each and every day that really can aggravate. Sometimes they are just little things that just get under the skin and can make the day seem dismal.

Then I ask myself, “What will this accomplish if I choose to be angry, worried, frustrated, irritated, miserable, unhappy, despondent?

You guessed it…nothing positive. All those negative feelings do nothing but make me more miserable and ready to lash out to hurt someone near me who really...
November 19, 2005 by oleteach
This is to wish greywar a very happy 32nd Birthday.

You have a great day, son, and many more to come.

I wish I were with you. I would bake you a cake with 32 smoking candles on it.

Love you,
October 5, 2005 by oleteach
My apologies: I still haven’t taking the time and effort to learn how to make links.
Pseudo wrote in his blog (http://pseudosoldier.joeuser.com/) the following comment which inspired me to write this article.

Psuedo’s words: “Turning out all anxiety is difficult. Not worrying about the things that matter most to you is nearly humanly impossible.”

I agree totally with pseudo in this statement. I would emphasize one word out of four of his words, “IS NEARLY HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE.

We all ha...
August 15, 2005 by oleteach
Yesterday started with worship, prayer and fellowship. Then in the cool of our sunny, fresh Minnesota weather, my husband and I traveled to Harriet Island in the Mississippi River located on the edge of St. Paul to take part in the last day of Irish Fair Celebration.

We experienced a wide variety of Irish dance, song, bands, art, and culture. It was great to see very young dancers who had already mastered the intricate stomping steps of the Irish Jig. They were so cute in their elaborat...
July 3, 2005 by oleteach
Today, on the Fourth of July (Actually, It's the third, but I am in the mood.) , I am thinking about the wonders of having a friend who is really committed to me. Those kinds of friends don’t come into a person’s life very often, but I have been blessed several times in this way.
My present friend is much more than a casual friend. I have many of those. They are the ones that I have met and enjoyed in various times in my life. They were found when I have volunteered at Habitat for Humanity,...
April 26, 2005 by oleteach
Among my treasurers, I have wonderful pictures of many of my ancestors. As the self-appointed family historian, I also have a collection of their life stories that have revealed some outstanding achievements, some dreadful miseries, and some terrible misfortunes. Looking back I see a picture of life. It always have some wonderful highs and many woeful lows.

It reminds me of that ride I took in the summer of ’44. I was staying with my oldest sister in Minneapolis. She and her husband took the...
April 19, 2005 by oleteach
As I turn on the TV from time to time, I see people who have traveled from far off places, standing and watching to see if white smoke will soon emanate from that little chimney in the Vatican. I wonder what possesses them to make such a journey to see what I can see from the comfort of my own home.

Granted it is an historic moment in time. For younger people it will be the first time they can witness this method of election. For those who put leaders, movie stars, musicians, and popes on pe...
February 10, 2005 by oleteach
My last convent story was posted on 11/20/04 Link

(I still don't know how to link correctly. Slow learner! Not your fault Blue Dev!)

I was having a difficult time coping with the arid circumstances of my convent life, which I compared to a desert. At that time in my life I was not very well rooted in my Christian life. I still had miles to go, many lessons to learn, many obstacles to overcome in my openness to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I was still very young (24) and immature....
February 9, 2005 by oleteach
Last night I went to a movie at our local theatre to see the movie “Therese,” a film about the life of a cloistered nun from the city of Lesieux, France. She lived her quiet life there over 100 years ago.

I have read the story of her life several times. This movie attempts to depict it well, but it pictures her as a young nun who never sins in any way. This is not very realistic for anyone. Also, the movie could not really portray the austere life she led. For example, in real life these cl...
January 28, 2005 by oleteach
In thinking more about how the way these two approaches to life differ, I tried to clarify, in my mind, exactly what they mean to me in my daily life.

When my conscience informs me that all is not peaceful in my life, I realize that changes are needed. I have two choices about how I go about making those changes. It could be about adjustments I need to make in my attitude toward my Creator or towards others, or in the way I spend my time each day, in the way I dress, in the way I spend my...
January 19, 2005 by oleteach
In my last post, I presented how different our approach to life can be, depending on whether we are legalistic or if we are in a faith-filled relationship with God.

Here are some more observations about these differences.

5. In a legalistic approach we are concerned with activity. In a relational approach we are caught up with identity.

In Romans 8:23 it speaks of the “first fruits” of the Spirit as being “our adoption as sons” which speaks entirely of our identity in God’s family. If w...