Good Memories of the past 32 years.
Published on November 19, 2005 By oleteach In Home & Family
This is to wish greywar a very happy 32nd Birthday.

You have a great day, son, and many more to come.

I wish I were with you. I would bake you a cake with 32 smoking candles on it.

Love you,

on Nov 20, 2005
He can't catch up to me but Happy birthday Indeed! And to you also Ole teach since you did the hard part!
on Nov 20, 2005
Thanks, SSG Geezer. It was so worth it!
on Nov 20, 2005
Happy Birthday Greywar!
on Nov 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, dude. (Lebowski-esque dude.)

And nice job, mom. He's a good kid.
on Nov 20, 2005
Happy Birthday Greywar!  32?  I remember those days - a long time ago.